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February 19, 2014

The Forum - Los Angeles - February 15

You've got to hand it Paul Simon and Sting. ...The two veteran singer-songwriters have launched one of the most surprising, daring, and rewarding double bills we're likely to see this year.

Not only did Simon and Sting share the bill Saturday at the Forum, but they shared the stage for about a third of the two-hour-and-40-minute set, dueting on each other's hits, and even taking solo spins on one another's songs.

February 19, 2014

Paul Simon and Sting have begun their On Stage Together tour of North America, and now you can buy tour merchandise from their official store!

February 11, 2014

In a new interview with Billboard, Paul Simon and Sting discuss their musical styles and inspiration for the On Stage Together tour, on the road now. Here is an excerpt:

How did you go about choosing the duets?

Simon: Well, the two songs we sang when we did the charity event, "Fields of Gold" and "The Boxer," they worked out so we started with those two. I love (Sting's) "Fragile," so this is a chance for me to sing a song that I really…I'll probably sing that song now, probably stick it in my set. So that was great. Then it became, like, what's the rhythm tunes we're gonna do? Sting wanted to do "Boy in the Bubble"…

Sting: I love "Boy in the Bubble."