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A Conversation With Paul Simon – The Huffington Post

In an interview with Mike Ragogna published at The Huffington Post, Paul Simon discussed some of the details involved in recording his new album, “So Beautiful or So What,” in stores April 12th! For his new single, “The Afterlife,” Paul said, “My thought was, if and when you’re confronted with the enormity of God, infinity, or the great mystery–however you want to describe it–all the questions that we prepare in our feeble human brains don’t really have much meaning. So, you can’t say, “Was I right to do that?” There is nothing to say at that point because it’s just beyond words and it’s too big. That was my point with the song.”

Paul also discussed the process of writing “Getting Ready For Christmas Day,” the meaning behind some of his other new songs, and what it was like to work with Phil Ramone and stellar musicians on the album. You can read more at