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New Excerpt From ‘Songwriter’ Liner Notes By Tom Moon

Here is an excerpt from the exclusive liner notes for Paul Simon’s “Songwriter,” written by Tom Moon:

“The songs collected here were created over an incredible span of time: The earliest was written when Simon was 21, the latest at age 68. He was tuned to some elusive frequencies from the very beginning – what 28 year-old writes a song like “Bridge Over Troubled Water”? – and somehow he’s managed to keep the circuits open and the inspiration flowing. Sure, he’s replenished his toolkit along the way, and lately he’s allowed a bit of grizzled veteran wisdom slip into songs that radiate childlike wonder. But hearing these songs, in this sequence, it becomes clear that Simon’s discipline has been remarkably consistent over the years. He finds the startling little flashes of insight lurking in the chatter of everyday life, then massages them into a potent, profound music that, like the most animated conversations, quickly becomes more than the sum of its parts.”

Paul Simon’s new collection, “Songwriter,” is in stores now!

Paul Simon - Songwriter