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Paul Simon’s ‘The Afterlife’ Music Video Premiere!

Here’s your first chance to watch Paul Simon’s new music video for “The Afterlife!” The video, which premiered at Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal online, features Paul playing the new single with his live band. With his North American tour starting in a few weeks, Paul said he’s looking forward to playing a lot of music from the new album, as well as songs that he hasn’t performed often in concert.

“I’m actually really looking forward to this tour. I’ll play a few songs by other people, maybe a couple of Simon and Garfunkel songs,” he said in an interview. “And then late in the evening, who knows, I might pick up my acoustic guitar and sing whatever comes into my mind. That’s the fun of clubs, it’s looser.” You can read more at

Paul’s new album, “So Beautiful or So What,” will be in stores April 12th!