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Excerpt From ‘Songwriter’ Liner Notes By Tom Moon

For nearly 50 years, Simon has quietly woven strands of what is sometimes called “the American conversation” into elegant, relentlessly tuneful, instantly engaging art. From his very early writing to the material on his hit 2011 release So Beautiful or So What, he’s brought a sharp observational sense to the form that gave us “Be-Bop-A-Lula.” His songs start with a distinct scene or a flash of insight – Simon is the master of the grabby opening scene – and then methodically unspool with the clarity and detail more prevalent in classic filmmaking.

Listen to “The Boxer” (Live at Central Park), one of 32 songs chosen by the composer to be included on “Songwriter,” in stores everywhere October 24th!

The Boxer (Live At Central Park, 1991) by Legacy Recordings

Paul Simon - Songwriter